Warther Cutlery

Over 110 years ago, Earnest Warther produced his first knife. Today, Warther Cutlery continues his legacy of excellence by producing high-quality, hand-crafted knives and accessories. The company’s freshly brand new Workshop and Company Store in Dover draws thousands of visitors each year.

Although it was launched more than 110 years ago by Earnest “Mooney” Warther, Warther Cutlery has made it a point to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the kitchen. As tastes have changed, so have the premium offerings constructed by the company — right here in the USA.

Warther knives, which come with a lifetime warranty and free sharpening, have over the years been joined by a generous selection of other kitchen musts, like cutting boards, salt and pepper shakers, outdoor knives and more.

Four generations of the Warther family have led the operation and continues the tradition of excellence established by Earnest Mooney all those years ago.

Tempered steel blades are hand-ground to keep their edge, and free sharpening helps them to stay that way. Blades run completely through the layered birch handles, with rivets added to keep them secure.

Dozens of different knife options are available, and a collection of Warther knives make the perfect gift for any family. Warther Cutlery is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or as a gift of quality to yourself.

Knife sharpening happens in store, where you can watch skilled craftsmen put a fresh edge on the blades they themselves have created.

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