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By focusing on clients' specific needs, Marion Miller can develop a customized program that meets each client's needs efficiently and effectively.

Eagle Coaching & Consulting puts people in charge of their personal and professional growth. By unlocking the leader within, founder, Marion Miller is a conduit to fulfill potential as a John Max­well certified coach, trainer and speaker.

"As my friend and mentor John Max­well says, 'everything rises and falls on leadership.' Leadership is influence, and everyone makes an impact on somebody," Miller said. "Parents influence children, and, for better or worse, children influence parents. Likewise, business owners sway the employees they rely on, one way or the other, for their business success."

Professional Executive Coaching & Personal One-on-One Coaching

Communication is connection. As a coach, Miller is client-focused. Unlike other coaching firms, Berlin-based Eagle Coach­ing concentrates on client-led objectives.

"Everyone has a different definition of success," Miller said. "For one person, their goals and aspirations might be having a successful business. For another person, it might be building better relationships with their family."

Through a no-charge consultation, po­tential clients can get a lay of the land.

Eagle Coaching provides an aerial view for executives and business owners to help them navigate the terrain encountered today, and on the horizon, tomorrow. And Miller trains his eagle eye on clients he coaches one-on-one.

"That's my highest calling, giving my clients the freedom to soar above their problems and reach the heights of their potential," Miller said.

By focusing on clients' specific needs, Miller can develop a customized program that meets each client's needs efficiently and effectively.

"There was a time in my life when I just felt stuck, and I believe if I had a coach at that time, I would have been able to realize my dreams a little faster," Miller said. "My goal in life is to help other people not be stuck."

Group Coaching & Training
As a business consultant, Miller trains employees on leadership, personal develop­ment and communication.

The philosophy of servant leadership turns the organizational chart upside down. "A leader is there to serve the people that work on their team," Miller said. "From both the bottom-up and the top-down, communication is crucial."

"Normally, we listen to hear what's in it for us. To truly hear, we need to listen to what the other person's needs are," Miller said.
Group training is designed to allow business owners to tap into the cumulative knowledge of their team's potential and ac­celerate group and employee development.

The John Maxwell DISC method is a key to unlocking the leader within, and the place the personality types of dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness play in personal and professional growth.

"We're all a unique blend of the four personality styles," Miller said. "Knowing our specific personality styles doesn't put us into a box. It gives us insight into the areas we can improve and the ways we re­spond to others and the reasons others have for the ways they respond to us. Through accountability, both to ourselves and others, we become people of influence."

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