Getting there is half the fun

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Sojourner's Lodge and Log Cabin Suites offers the best of all worlds — a 3-acre lake, woodlands with some nice acreage and a large, open farm field.

The adage, getting there is half the fun, sometimes holds, but being there really makes the difference.

That’s true of Sojourner’s Lodge and Log Cabin Suites, where the sound of the lapping lake and whispering woodlands is in harmony and where the view overlooks a valley of tilled Amish farms and verdant rolling hills.

The peace and serenity of Sojourner’s Lodge is the perfect place to find yourself.

“We have the best of all worlds here — a 3-acre lake, woodlands with some nice acreage and a large, open farm field,” Gwen Miller said.

In the mid-‘90s, her husband, Duane, a builder by trade, bought a 20-acre Amish farm and started drafting blueprints and laying framework. Since 2006, guests have been landing at Sojourner’s Lodge.

“We opened two suites, and then once we saw that we were getting busier, we opened two more suites. Once we saw we were getting busier after that, we opened two more,” Miller said. “A lot of people stay in Berlin, and even though it’s not far, my husband and I still wondered if they’d come out to a country road. We discovered that was its charm.”

Guests were delighted to discover the difference it makes to be in the midst of Amish Country. Today, Sojourner’s Lodge has four lodge suites and two log cabin suites. It leads to a different mindset, but make no mistake, all the modern sensibilities are still there.

“All of our accommodations have kitchens, living rooms with fireplaces, Jacuzzis, DirectTV, Wi-Fi and many other amenities,” Miller said. “All of our suites have access to courtyards and firepits and hiking trails with benches and other seating areas to discover along the way.”

There are three trails at Sojourner’s Lodge connected by a 60-foot bridge spanning a ravine.

Sojourner’s goes the extra mile in seeking to exceed expectations in every way.

“We get a lot of honeymooners and couples celebrating their anniversaries. We’re happy to include gift baskets, roses and chocolates to make their stays all the more special.”

Sojourner’s Lodge also extends a multi-night discount to all its guests, and anyone over 55 gets a senior discount.

“We’re a family business, and we’re very community-oriented. We have a couple of Amish employees, and our 20-year-old son helps out too when he comes back from college,” Miller said.

Bird watchers flock to Sojourner’s Lodge.

“Since we have a lake, we attract a lot of water birds,” Miller said. “This last year we’ve seen a huge variety of ducks, but also loons and herons, kingfishers, and even bald eagles, as well as a lot of songbirds — warblers, cardinals, bluebirds and name any bird in Northeast Ohio.”

Guests discover the difference being there makes, and it’s the reason they return again and again. The peace and serenity of Sojourner’s Lodge is the perfect place to find yourself.

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