Der Bake Oven

For more than 27 years, Der Bake Oven has been putting smiles on the faces of locals and visitors alike, serving delicious homemade cookies, pies, bread, rolls and more. When you visit, take a moment to stop and smell — the coffee. It’s ground fresh each day. For breakfast or lunch, choose from a huge variety of from-scratch comfort foods.

Der Bake Oven owner Ruth Mast started her career working in the Amish Country restaurant she would one day call her own. That day came in 1997, when she purchased the wildly popular local eatery.

The bakery/café was the realization of a dream for Mast, and since taking over 22 years ago she’s added her own brand of personal customer service, greeting guests with a smile and delicious nosh or meal. Throughout the day, the aroma inside Der Bake Oven changes, as baking fresh breakfast treats turns into the creation of midday favorites like mouthwatering rolls and honey wheat bread. “All of our baked goods are made from scratch,” Mast emphasized. “There are no mixes here.”

Along with a tantalizing assortment of sweets and breads, Der Bake Oven also serves up an inventive assortment of breakfast items and luncheon fare. A doughnut with eggs? Yep, you’ll find that on the menu alongside the hearty steak and eggs and banana nut pancakes.

For lunch, try a heaping cup of soup paired with a wedge of bread and cheese, a small drink and a pastry or dip of ice cream. And speaking of ice cream, Der Bake Oven whips up its own from scratch, too.

Host your next even here. They’ve got gathering space for parties of five to 25.

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