Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant

Berlin’s oldest continuously operating restaurant is where visitors get a taste of life in the village. Nearly 20 varieties of pie are available daily along with home-styled dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop, sit and save room for pie.

Coffee is still 99 cents at this downtown Berlin eatery that remains a destination for both locals and tourists in search of a good meal.

Originally a grocery store, Boyd & Wurthmann opened in 1938. It wasn’t long and in 1940 the green counter that still exists today was built to serve lunches and homemade pie.

As the demand continued to grow for seating, tables were added and the grocery store got smaller, until the entire establishment became a restaurant. In addition to its rich business history, locals have been discussing the news of the day at the famous round table near the window. If it’s important in Berlin, they are talking about it here.

While a lot has changed since 1938, not much has changed at Boyd & Wurthmann. The priorities remain the same for the dedicated staff that begins serving breakfast at 5:30 a.m. The coffee is hot and the atmosphere is nostalgic.

Today 15 to 20 different varieties of pie are available each day along with familiar comfort foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mouth-watering home style meals keep customers coming back. Whether it is a hearty breakfast, one of the popular lunch specials or a steak dinner for two, it’s worth a trip to Berlin.

The restaurant is small and has limited seating. Arrive early to avoid the wait.

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