Fall Harvest Fest


The Ashery Fall Harvest Sale will take place Sept. 19-21. Come celebrate all of the special things that make a trip to Amish Country worthwhile.

Let us examine the cornucopia. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the cornucopia also is called the horn of plenty, a symbol of abundance and nourishment that is commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce. The word cornucopia has become synonymous with a great abundance.

This autumn the Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods near Mt. Hope will be a cornucopia of produce goodness, and the recipients of this abundance of freshness will be those who visit during the annual Ashery Fall Harvest Sale Sept. 19-21.

Those who stop in during the sale are sure to be blessed with all of the things that make a trip to Amish Country worthwhile, and the Ashery will help families create their own cornucopia, filled with fresh produce, meats, snacks and more than likely a heaping serving of genuine joy.

Full of big deals, the annual Ashery Fall Harvest Sale brings with it the finest locally grown produce from Amish Country. The Ashery will be adorned in the colors of autumn that make a cornucopia spring to life with multi-colored apples, pumpkins, acorn squash, sweet corn, greens galore, gourds, stunning mums and all of the fresh produce that is purchased from local farmers in Holmes County.

“We deal with local growers several times every week to make sure we are providing the finest in fresh quality food,” owner Curt Yoder said.

The celebration for the Ashery Fall Harvest Sale will start before patrons enter the store. Perched near the entrance will be live music on the front porch, which will take place daily throughout the weekend from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

While visiting, patrons can sign up for “Letters from Home,” letters written in email form from longtime Ashery employee Sovilla Yoder. Covering everything from life on her farm to what is going on in the community and at the Ashery, “Letters from Home” is a genuine slice of Amish Country. Individuals also may sign up for this unique look at Amish Country on their website.

The letters, the fresh food and most importantly the friendly, welcoming service is all about creating a down-home atmosphere where visitors feel like family.
And speaking of food, fall wouldn’t be the same without the Baking Sale, which will take place Nov. 11-16.

“It is an exciting season for us at the Ashery and here in Holmes County, and we want to make it that way for our customers,” Yoder said. “Our vision is to reach the hearts of people through tasteful experiences in sharing the goodness of God.”

Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods is located at 8922 state Route 241, 2 miles north of Mount Hope. Call the store at 330-359-5615. While the Ashery will send out email blasts promoting the big event, more information can be found on their website at www.asherycountrystore.com.