Amish Country driving rules


Randy L. McKee photo

Rural roads are not city streets. They are often narrower or may vary in width. You may have less room to maneuver or a loose gravel and grass berms to contend with. Don't forget about sharp dips or unexpected turns.

Normal speeds for horse drawn buggies range from 5 to 8 mph. When pulling large farm equipment or loads they may be slower. Drivers of these vehicles may have low or blocked visibility. Always anticipate left hand turns.

Watch "closure time," the time you have to recognize and respond when coming to a vehicle. Also remember a buggy may back up a few feet when stopped. Leave some distance.

The slow-moving vehicle sign means caution and slow down. Be sure to slow down and allow buggies and horse drawn equipment plenty of room when passing.

Only pass when legal and safe. NEVER pass a buggy near the top of a hill. Oncoming traffic is traveling up to 50 mph, please don't get in their way when they can't see you! Slow down and savor the relaxed pace of Amish Country until you can see the road ahead of you.

Amish Country Driving Etiquette:

  • Rural roads are not city streets.
  • Know closure time.
  • Even the fastest horse is slow.
  • Horses are unpredictable.
  • Watch for caution signs.
  • Never pass a buggy near the top of a hill.